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PADMAVATI FOUNDATION  a Public Welfare Trust and Non-profit Organization was formed in the year 1985 in the area of Pardi in Valsad District of Gujarat, with the objective of serving noble causes like,

  1. Relief to poor and the general public in various ways which may be regarded as a public charitable purpose.

  2. Providing quality Education to natives and poor class at the cheapest cost possible.

  3. Medical relief to the needy people.

  4. Advancement of any other object of general public utility without profit and 

which the law may regard as public charitable purpose



The great and invaluable initiative was offered for founding and then running the Trust successfully by its founder trustees.


  1. Shree Sunder Shyama Nayak, Proprietor of White En All Products and CMD of Sunmoon Chemicals Pvt Ltd and Odex Chemicals Pvt Ltd – Killa Pardi.

  2. Smt Sharda Sunder Nayak, an Industrialist – Killa Pardi

  3. Late Shree Kamlashankar L Pandya, a great Freedom Fighter – Vadodara.


As the trust’s activities were assuming higher dimensions and great loss of trustees due to their sad demise, a need was felt to induct more eminent personalities as trustees to share the responsibilities viz,


  1. Late Dr Pradeep K Pandya, a consultant Nephrologist – Vadodara

  2. Mr Pandurang A Prabhu a veteran in Management field - Pardi

  3. Dr Shashikant V Heranjal, MD (Anesthesiologist) - Pardi

  4. Mr Chandan S Nayak, eminent Industrialist – Pardi


To endeavour the goal to educate mostly the children of underprivileged class, the Trust initiated the project of Bhaskardyuti Vidyalaya and Shree Mumbadevi Balmandir in the year 1990.


Message From Managing Trustee


A school plays a important role in nurturing , shaping and developing the talent of every child, and enabling him or her to excel and blossom by discovering his hidden talents and the joy of learning. We believe that this can be achieved by providing children a conducive and safe environment to do their best in academics, sports, arts and cultural activities. At our School, providing children a holistic education has always been at the heart of everything we do. 

Every day, all our efforts are focused on making BDV a school, where teaching is a pleasure and learning is a joy. A school that prepares children to identify their interests and develop them into their passion. A school that makes them believe in themselves. A school that inspires them to Dream… and Learn to Excel' .

Our caring and committed teachers are our pillars of strength. They teach our children  by making learning enjoyable and rewarding, and instilling in children sound values and attributes. Our educational programmes are complemented by state-of-the-art facilities and resources, and numerous opportunities for children to engage and excel in sports and co-curricular activities.

Trustee -  Late. Mr. Kamlashankar Pandya (Freedom Fighter) With Ex- Prime Minister Late Mr. Moraji Desai.

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